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In most cases Diarrhoea is nothing to worry about and usually self limiting. However these acute attacks of diarrhoea can cause disruption in peoples day to day life. Diarrhoea can be relieved by taking Loperamide capsules. Loperamide is the generic substitute for the brand Imodium. Both Imodium and Generic Loperamide contain 2mg Loperamide as the active ingredient and their mode of action is exactly the same. The only difference is Loperamide is a lot cheaper. Loperamide works by reducing and slowing down the motility in the bowel and therefore solidifying the stool.


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What is Loperamide used for?

Loperamide is an effective treatment in acute attacks of diarrhoea. Loperamide helps to solidify the stool.



Dose: Take Two capsules immediately and thereafter One capsule after each loose bowel motion. Maximum 8 Loperamide capsules in 24 hours. If the diarrhoea symptoms persist for longer than 48 hours you must seek medical help/attention, we advise you to contact your GP.

It is also important to stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluid ideally water. You can also try taking rehydration sachets such as Dioralyte.

We recommend you contact your GP if you are any one of the following listed below;

  • Pregnant
  • Breast Feeding
  • You suffer from any liver related medical conditions
  • You suffer from any bowel related medical conditions


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Side Effects


Common Side effects What To Do?
Constipation Stop Loperamide



Usually resolves itself

Headache Try hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water. You can also take rehydration salts which can help replenish any salts lost.
Feeling sick Try not to take Loperamide on an empty stomach

For more information on side effects please refer to the product information leaflet.

Further Information

https://patient.info/medicine/loperamide-for-diarrhoeaPatient information leaflet